Van Straaten Trendsetting since 1918

We are a family business, van Straaten was founded in 1918 in Amsterdam, and we’re still a family business. Our secret? Over 100 years of looking forward, anticipating new trends. Being first, with the newest ideas. Over the years, our company has expanded to Germany and the United States, which means that we have been able to strengthen our customers’ brands in many major markets. Having production facilities in Europe and the US enables us to offer branding, signing and printing solutions, with the same quality and support, all over the world.

Van Straaten At your service

We have always been a customer-oriented company. Everything is tailored to your preferences. Special builds, seasonal shop fittings, POS campaigns, interiors, exhibitions and events are all handled by a dedicated project team. Even during an early consultancy or pitch phase, one person is designated as the point of contact for the client. They always knows what’s going on in every project and exactly which stage it is in the process.

We pride ourselves on thinking ahead and delivering on time. Especially important when we have to think about planning, logistics, permits and fitting into the schedules of our partners, and of course, the timings of our customers.

Our Principles: The Four Pillars of Van Straaten

First of all, we always strive for the ultimate brand experience.

Secondly, sustainability. Our large-format printing facility is set up to produce in the most sustainable way possible, 100% CO2 neutral.

Thirdly, flexibility. In the way we work and the materials we use. It’s about short deadlines, thinking ahead, meeting the high demands of our customers and ourselves. We can make anything possible.

Finally, comfort. We create spaces where people feel comfortable. Perfectly executed themes, clever use of colour, comfortable seating, good lighting and soothing acoustics. Why? Because it has been scientifically proven that productivity in offices and workspaces increases when people feel relaxed and comfortable. And at Van Straaten, comfort also applies to customers. With our 24/7 service we guarantee that everything is perfectly arranged and on time.

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