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beMatrix Modular Pop-Up

For a golf cart store, Van Straaten Group built a modular structure, consisting of a storage space with door, and an arch.


For this store the choice was to use a beMatrix frame, to allow easy reconfigurations, and add-ons.
For instance the canopy can easily be extended so a golf cart can be placed under it. Also for the storage a door was placed including a key pad lock.

Modular in-store solutions

Notched graphics

Blockout Stretch material by Van Straaten Group was the right choice for this project, ensuring 100% light blocking, so no frame would be visible. Graphics were notched to seamlessly go across panel joints.

Cost effective solution

The use of modular systems are cost effective, since structures can easily be reconfigured. Another advantage is that for new graphics only the actual square feet are calculated that need to be replaced or covered.

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