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Future-proof creative tradeshow participation

At trade shows, visitors want to be impressed. If you want to make an impression as a brand, it’s simply impossible to have an outdated exhibition stand or booth. Thankfully there are enough attractive options for future-proof creative tradeshow participation in the market. You just need to be aware of the latest trends and opportunities. Here are 5 future-proof creative solutions for trade shows, to give you some inspiration.

Aluminum frame systems

When creating an innovative booth, you don’t want to be limited by the material you’ve chosen. If you really want to keep all your options open, then an aluminum frame system can offer a solution. With this system, you can produce structures of all types and in all sizes, without limitations. Every idea can be carried out precisely as it looked at the design stage, without needing to make any concessions. If you want your booth to impress, it’s at least a good idea to consider aluminum frame systems.

Silicone Edge Graphics

If you want full flexibility, you also need to think about the covers on the frames. The first step is being able to put up creations of all kinds and in all sizes, but of course the ‘skeleton’ also has to be covered. You have the most possibilities with tension fabric systems, also known as Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). These are installed separately, which means you can easily change your visuals at any time. This approach is also known as ‘keep the body, change the skin’. You can change the entire look and feel of a booth in the blink of an eye, just by changing the fabric.

Lightboxes with seamless fabric

Once you have your perfect booth, of course you want to ensure that all your good ideas look their best. However, at well-attended fairs, it’s sometimes difficult to attract attention among all those overwhelming creations, even if you have the most attractive booth among all those present. Thankfully there’s an elegant solution that guarantees attention: lightboxes. The effect is unbelievable: as you’re suddenly seeing an object stand out by being backlit. If you work with lightboxes between poorly lit booths then you’re literally the bright spot at the trade show. Highly recommended.

Hanging signs

Hanging signs are a great way to draw extra visibility to your booth, as they float above the crowds. There’s no longer a need to build a gigantic structure from the ground. This means that ‘the sky is the limit’ is an outdated concept. Combined with the Silicone Edge Graphics, you can also have endless variations. Sounds good, right?

Pop-up frames

If you were born in the eighties or nineties you’ll be familiar with it: K’Nex. This toy has a wonderful slogan: ‘Create some WOW, one click at a time.’ This could just as well be the slogan for the increasingly popular pop-up frames, which are rapidly taking over the world of booth construction. The main advantage is the speed with which booths can be built, as the frames easily pop up, hence the name. You can build them this fast because they use an ingenious click system, which allows parts to be connected together in no time. You can leave your tools at home, as everything just ‘clicks’ together. Ideal for both small-scale trade shows and bigger booths.

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