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We live in a world where size seems to matter. Cars get bigger, phones grow larger, and also visual branding has increased both in quantity and size. The industry follows this trend closely, and acts accordingly. Let’s face it, we all want our customers to experience the WOW factor!

Creative Mindset

Your dreams can never surpass your imagination. That means that we determine what the limit is. But what really is the limit? That varies for each person, and what they perceive as impossible. The power of creativity is to try and expand one’s mind to get to heights one has not gone before. And that is both scary and exciting! With the right people and partners around you, you can see ideas transformed into reality.

Perceive it, Receive it

To convert ideas into reality is often determined by budget. That does not necessarily mean lower budget means smaller solutions. Sometimes smaller budgets push people to greater ideas. At CEES SMIT we always try to find the right visual branding solution for every budget. One of them is our ability to print 16 feet SEAMLESS dye sub prints. This is a very affordable step to help messages get across with a lot of visual impact. Another option is to have images backlit for more pop.

Static vs Dynamic Visuals?

The latest trend is to incorporate LED visuals into visual communication. That could be LED panels being integrated into a trade show booth, or large LED screens used as living backdrops for music concerts, or television decors. For corporate events this could be combined with the use of larger or smaller static images. Although LED is definitely getting more sophisticated and finer pixelated, not all communication requires moving contents. Actually sometimes it could even distract visitors from the true message that needs to be shared. For that static images are the way to go. Sometimes less is more, although less in this case could end up being less in $$$ yet XXXL in size.

Every industry defines ‘large’ differently. In the automotive industry and in the tech industry, in particular it’s, “the bigger, the better.” Lighting companies, for instance, can see different opportunities because they can share their content with the use of giant projection screens. Now that extra wide seamless materials are available, projection screens are a viable alternative for LED screens. For short-term events such as trade shows, performances and films, this is a lot more financially attractive. Van Straaten produced a giant 360 degrees projection screen of over 800 x 11 feet, for ‘Dell Technologies World’.

Dare to think BIG!

Van Straaten Group is not afraid to think bigger or outside the box. Our team can offer complete solutions and can think along with you to develop unique plans to increase visual communication.

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