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Stay ahead of the game

Our goal is to help companies create impressive and engaging brand experiences and we’ve been doing this for years. Working with us has great advantages. Find out why.

1. Endless possibilities

Working with Van Straaten Group means that you can go creatively wild. With the use of proprietary aluminum, profiles and textiles, combined with our in-class service and ‘can do’ mentality, the options for uniqueness are unlimited. We create tailor-made, innovative, high-quality brand experiences and won’t do it for less.

2. 24/7 one stop shop

We have a 24/7 emergency helpline, whenever problems arise. Our extensive service package contains design, project management, pre-print, print, finishing, production, testing, logistics and assembly. At our production center, we work with state-of-the-art machinery and world-leading Durst-printers. To make sure your creations are ready on-time, we offer an effective logistics distribution center and worldwide support for installation and assembly and disassembly.

3. Personal advice

For every project we have a dedicated and experienced project manager for your personal support. He or she will carefully guide your projects from start to finish. From rendering to reality, we help you transform ideas into tangible structures.

4. Flexible

We love flexibility. Especially when it comes to the execution of graphics and structures for booths. Producing everything in-house gives us more control. This allows us to act fast when you need it.

5. Solutions

We’re always looking what’s best for you as we are committed to find the perfect solution to get your message across in a visually attractive way. We have our own proprietary aluminum profile system and also have long-time experience with systems like beMatrix, Agam or Aluvision.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is key for us at Van Straaten. Our Durst Rhotex 500 printers and choice of inks allow us to offer visual branding solutions with minimal impact to the environment. Our sublimation textiles can be folded, resulting in smaller volumes which positively impacts packaging, storage and logistics. Thanks to the 750 solar panels on the roof of our production facilities, we already reduced our energy emissions with fifty percent. Our goal is to be completely CO2-neutral by the year 2020.

Ahead of the game since 1918

If you choose to work with Van Straaten Group you will profit of a century of experience and knowledge. We have been visionaries in visual branding since 1918 and taking calculated risks has always been in our DNA. We stay ahead of the game, to help you stay ahead of the game.

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