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Acrylic Panel 5mm – Printing on Plexiglas

Acrylic, also called Plexiglas, is a panel that is translucent and has a print on the back. Acrylic is easy to mount on the wall.
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    Acrylic 5mm – UV 320 cm
    Acrylic panel (5mm) has a translucent function. The material is a popular choice for unique prints. The high-quality properties of this material and the high-resolution print provide a luxurious look to the final product.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    The Acrylic panel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be milled into almost any shape. Would you like a luxury visual for your event, gallery, museums or showroom? Then contact our sales department. For a standard print on Plexiglas, you can use the configurator and compose the product yourself as desired.

    Protected print on plexiglass
    The plexiglass plate is available as standard in a thickness of 5 millimeters. By default, the print is printed on the back of the plate facing forward. As a result, the print is always protected from any damage. Keep in mind that the material itself is susceptible to scratching!

    Make the drill holes slightly larger because of the expandability
    A plexiglass panel is relatively easy to mount by drilling holes, for example. During assembly, we recommend making the drill holes slightly wider because of the high coefficient of expansion. This means that varying temperatures allow the plexiglass panel to work (a few millimeters per meter). Thus, the panel has more room to expand and the bulging of the plate is prevented.

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