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DigiTex Premium 320

An excellent choice when a silicone edge graphic needs to have a luxurious and chic appearance. Suitable as a silicone edge graphic for indoor applications.
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    DigiTex Premium 320 – DS 320 cm – 230 grs
    Our DigiTex Premium 320 is a good choice when the print deserves a luxurious and chic look. The material is often used as a silicone edge graphic for indoor applications. 
    What Are Silicone Edge Graphics 
    Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) graphics are seamless, vibrant, photographic-quality fabric signage that command attention. They are printed fabric graphics with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge that fits into the SEG frame, keeping the fabric secure and virtually borderless.

    Foldable and wrinkle resistant
    Thanks to our special sublimation technique, the print features the most powerful colors. An additional advantage is that the canvas can be folded and the print is crease-resistant. This makes transport in a handy box easy at all times. Because the print is only suitable for indoor applications, the material will last for years. Do not be alarmed when you receive the print with folding. Once you attach the banner to the frame, the folds will no longer be visible in no time.

    Endless finishes possible
    Besides the silicone tendon, there are many more finishes possible with this material. Think of a tunnel, rings, velcro, a hem or simply cutting it clean. This also makes the material suitable for endless applications for stand construction, retail and interior purposes.

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