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Easydot Whiteout

Repositioned white sticker that does not show through. Popular for temporary and promotional purposes on flat surfaces.
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    Easydot Whiteout 137 – UV 160 cm – 100 Mu
    Our special EasyDot WhiteOut sticker is a self-adhesive film including a special adhesive layer. The name “dot” comes from the fact that the adhesive layer has a special bubble structure (dots) that creates small air channels. This makes the sticker easy to reposition and can be applied bubble-free.
    Apply without bubbles
    First of all, the white sticker is easy to apply on flat surfaces because of the aforementioned adhesive layer. Thanks to the special channels that give the sticker an airy adhesive layer, the material can be effortlessly applied bubble-free. Still a bit to the right? No problem! This is because the sticker is completely repositionable and leaves no glue residue.
    White sticker for promotional purposes
    This EasyDot foil has a white top layer and therefore does not shine through. Would you prefer a sticker that is slightly translucent? Then choose the EasyDot Transparent; a film with a transparent look that has a translucent function. Our stickers are often used for temporary promotional campaigns and are extremely popular as window stickers. Need custom advice? Then don’t hesitate to ask our experts!

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