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Forex Panel 2mm – UV 320 cm

Light in weight and at the same time super strong, that's what typifies Forex. Suitable for load-bearing structures and for mounting on both flat and curved walls.
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    Forex 2mm – UV 320 cm
    A Forex sheet is known for being quite light (in terms of weight) but at the same time firm to the touch. Thanks to its special foam core, the board is somewhat pliable and can be mounted on both flat and curved walls or structures without any problem.

    Versatile use
    The 2 mm Forex sheet is the thinnest Forex sheet in Van Straaten’s range and is suitable for an infinite number of indoor or temporary outdoor applications. Thanks to the slightly soft top layer, the print is scratch-sensitive but can withstand most weather conditions.

    Double-sided or single-sided printing on Forex 
    A major advantage of Forex is that it can be printed on both single and double sides. This makes the usability of this foamed PVC sheet even more diverse. Think, for example, of ceiling hangers, nameplates, billboards or wall circles. Because its weight is well balanced against its strength, this material also lends itself to very large panels.

    Available in all shapes
    Forex is available in all shapes and sizes. As standard, the panel is cut square, but the material is also suitable for printing, for example, milled letters or other contour shapes.

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