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PrintnWalk 137 – UV 320 cm

Popular choice for temporary floor stickers that are frequently walked on. Easy to apply and slightly repositionable without leaving adhesive residue.
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    PrintnWalk 137 – UV 320 cm – 200 Mu
    If you are looking for a temporary floor sticker for indoor use, the PrintnWalk sticker is the best choice. In no time at all, dull and unexpressive floors are transformed into an eye-catching floor, just the way your customer wants. 

    Wear-resistant surface layer 
    The top layer of the PrintnWalk sticker is wear-resistant and therefore suitable for frequent walking on. This makes the floor sticker ideally suited for use in high-traffic areas, such as trade shows or showrooms.

    Apply without bubbles
    The sticker is easy to apply on flat surfaces because of the special EasyDot adhesive layer. Thanks to the special channels that give the sticker an airy adhesive layer, the material can be effortlessly applied bubble-free. Still a bit to the right? No problem! This is because the sticker is completely repositionable and leaves no glue residue.

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