UV 497-500 cm – 250 grs

Van Straaten levert duurzaam behang met eco-airtex. Creatieve visuele signing voor permanente interieurs en wandtoepassingen.

Verkrijgbaar in breedtes tot 500 cm.

100% polyster stof

Hoogwaardig materiaal met brandklasse B1

Eco Airtex

Veelzijdig 100% polyester structuurtextiel van 300 g/m² voor een brede waaier van toepassingen waaronder: Detailhandel, Hangende displays, Tentoonstellingen, Canvas frames en Muurpapier

Andere materialen

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Walking side by side with our customers along the creative landscape, and going through the creative process together, ultimately results in the most visually engaging brand experiences.


Understanding brands is the most important building block to successful branding. We put great emphasis to color management and details, to ensure messages getting across with great impact.


We are team players. We strongly believe in partnerships, and we see ourselves as an extension of our customers, providing them with ideas, and inspiring them with visual branding solutions.

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