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Backlit SEG – LED frame graphics

Make a statement with Backlit SEG. Suitable as a silicone edge graphic for backlit applications including standard and custom build LED frames.
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    Backlit SEG 310
    Do you want your message to stand out from the rest? Then our Backlit SEG is the perfect solution for that! This is because this material is ideally suited to use for backlit applications, such as an LED frame silicon edge graphic.

    What is a silicone edge graphic?
    A silicone edge graphic is a name for, as the name suggests, a graphic that is finished with a tendon. This silicone tendon is finished around the canvas and is therefore ideal for aluminum frames. Super easy to install and replace again with another print.

    What makes this material suitable for an LED frame?
    Because aluminum textile frames are also equipped with LED lighting, we have developed a special textile for the most even light distribution: the Backlit SEG 310. This allows your message or campaign expression to stand out best. Unlike other tendon cloth materials, this textile material captures the light and ensures that the individual LED lights do not shine through the print. All this to ensure the best results!

    Wrinkle-free and easy to replace
    One of the distinguished features of a tendon fabric is the ease with which it can be replaced. Thanks to its combination with an aluminum frame, the canvas can be replaced with another print in no time. Ideal for retail applications or booth construction. Another added advantage of this fabric is that the cloth can be folded wrinkle-free, making it easy to store.

    Order a custom tarpaulin for your LED frame
    Through our customer portal, you can easily order a custom graphic for your LED frame. Up to 320 centimeters can be printed in one piece. Do you have a specific request? Then feel free to contact one of our experts and be surprised by the endless possibilities!

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