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For our sustainable future: measuring is knowing

At Van Straaten, we have been looking far into the future for 105 years. As a fourth-generation family business, we always focus on the long term. By working as sustainably, qualitatively and future-oriented as possible in the here and now, we increase the chances of successfully passing on our company to future generations.

In terms of sustainability, we are just as ambitious as we are when it comes to the quality of our work. Since 2015, we have been generating the majority of our energy needs through solar panels, almost exclusively offering sublimation prints with water-based ink and were pioneers in the development of the world’s first 5-metre sublimation printer. We recently put the second one into operation.

Good can always be better

We are proud of these and other milestones, but we are never satisfied. We always strive for more, for better, for greater sustainability. That’s why all our investments, the further automation of our business processes, and our product choices are always driven by the ambition to maximise sustainability.

At the same time, we see that our clients have sustainability high on their agenda. To support their ambitions, we not only consider what we can do ourselves, but also how we can help them make the most sustainable choices.

Objective and transparent

That’s why we have had our entire product range certified by an independent global certification body. ClimateCalc is designed to provide precise information on the CO2 impact of graphic products from a lifecycle perspective. It offers our industry a complete, objective method to compare and improve our products and efforts.

To calculate the carbon footprint of each of our substrates, all the footprint data of that product (production, transport, storage, etc.) is combined with the total footprint data of our company. In this manner, every product receives a tangible score, allowing for an objective and transparent comparison with other substrates.

Everybody plays their part

This figure helps our customers to make the most sustainable choice and to calculate the total CO2 effects on their projects. But, perhaps even more importantly, it helps us at Van Straaten, in our continuous sustainability journey. Every sustainability effort we make at product or company level is reflected in the new, lower figures for our substrates after the annual ClimateCalc audit.

Are you watching?

At Van Straaten we believe in the power of collaboration. Sustainability, too, is something we should collectively pursue as an industry. That’s why we openly share our annual ClimateCalc results. They help you make the most sustainable choices and motivate us to produce even better figures every year.

So, keep an eye on us!

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